pet car travel

When summertime comes around, many families find they are travelling more with their animals. There are a few tips that you can utilize in your pet car travel routine that will make travelling with your dog or cat a much easier experience. If you plan a long pet car travel trip, there are a lot of things to take into consideration before you leave.


The first thing to remember for pet car travel is that when travelling is that you should bring plenty of food and water for your animal. You might want to bring bottled water and a portable bowl to make sure that your pet is getting enough hydration on long trips. You will need to stop every few hours along the trip to allow your pet to go to the bathroom, and also to stretch their legs and walk a bit. This will help your dog especially to be more calm if you are travelling a long distance. Be sure your pet has ID tags whenever you are travelling in case the dog or cat gets loose.


When you are on a pet car travel trip, remember that pets can also become car sick, so it is generally a good idea to wait until you are done driving for the day before giving your pet a lot of food. Or you may feed your dog or cat a few hours before you travel so that they don't get an upset stomach. Also, it is a good idea to cover your car seats with a towel, tarp or blanket to keep your car free of pet hair, drool and other accidents. NEVER leave your pet in the car alone, even if you have rolled the windows down. The interior of a car can reach temperatures high enough to kill an animal that is locked inside.



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