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The hurricane season of 2005 will always be remembered as one of the most tragic and devastating of all natural disasters to hit the gulf. The city of New Orleans was underwater, thousands upon thousands of people are homeless and many have lost loved ones. One of the more unknown victims of this disaster are the hurricane katrina pet owners and pets. Many hurricane katrina pet owners were forced to leave the city without their animals, and the animals were left to fend for themselves without food or water.

Rescue efforts have been underway to retrieve the hurricane katrina pet strays that were left behind. Many of these pets have been abandoned by their owners or their owners can no longer care for them. If you are a victim of the hurricane and are missing a beloved pet, please visit one of the sites listed here to find more information on reuniting with your pets. Many dogs and cats that were in the storm, especially in the New Orleans area or other southern Louisiana towns that were destroyed, are now in need of loving homes and caregivers. If you are looking to donate your time, money or other resources such as food, water, blankets, and bowls, please visit one of the links here to help to save an animal's life.

Most of the dogs and cats that were in the path of Hurricane Katrina and had to ride out the storm are now traumatized, scared and hungry. Your donations to non-profit pet organizations can help to place these homeless pets and help to fund local pet shelters that are dealing with the hurricane katrina pet disaster. If you have a story to share about your dog or cat that was involved in either hurricaine Katrina or hurricane Rita that you would like to be included on our site, please email the webmaster.



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