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flea and tick control


If you have a lot of outdoor animals you are probably well aware of the need for flea and tick control on your pets. There are many types of flea and tick control that you can use to effectively protect your pets and your family from these pesky insects. Most people will notice fleas and ticks are worse during the summer months, as the warm weather helps to provide a good breeding ground for infestations. There are ways to avoid bites and breeding in your home and yard, and we have them available through our site!


When thinking about flea and tick control you will first want to clean and spray all of your pets’ beddings as well as your carpets and flooring. Fleas love to lay eggs in your cat or dog’s bed, so it is important that you wash and clean their bedding on a regular basis. Flea eggs can live on your pet even after a flea dip wash, so be sure to purchase flea control ointments like Frontline or Advantage, to stop the egg to adult cycle on your pet.

Another good way to practice good flea and tick control on your animal is to spray your yard with a non-toxic flea and tick killer. If you live near the woods, you will need to make sure you protect your dogs or other domestic animals from ticks by bathing them regularly, grooming them, and removing any ticks that adhere to their skin. Your pet will thank you!



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