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diabetic cat food


If your cat is one of the many that suffers from feline diabetes, you probably feed it diabetic cat food. If you have just found out that your pet cat is diabetic, you probably want to research the right kind of diabetic cat food to feed your family loved one. Luckily, diabetes is a treatable condition and your cat can live a happy and healthy life if properly cared for.

When you have a diabetic cat, you will need to be sure to administer the pet medication, as well as properly feed it diabetic cat food. You will also want to make sure that you have a veterinarian that you can count on in case of emergency, and keep the vets emergency numbers posted nearby at all times. If you are planning a long vacation away from your cat, be sure to have a pet sitter or to board the cat while you are away.

When you have a diabetic cat, the costs can get expensive. You will need to buy syringes, insulin and a prescription or special diabetic cat food diet. You may also need to spend money on visits to the vet for blood glucose monitoring. Ask your veterinarian what type of cat food is right for your diabetic animal.



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