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animal shelters



While many people spend a lot of money on buying pets from pet stores, you may find that the most well-behaved and loveable dog or cat can come from animal shelters.  The city or state government runs most local animal shelters, and there are also privately run no-kill shelters in your area as well.  If you already have enough animals in your home, you might want to consider donating money to these sites that are committed to finding homes for stray dogs and cats.


Those animal shelters that are run by the city are usually forced to euthenize dogs and cats that are not adopted within a certain time period, sometimes as short as a week.  Many shelters have online websites that you can search the database and see photos of animals that are up for adoption.  Consider that you can save a life instead of buying a dog from a breeder!


 Visiting animal shelters can be sad when you understand how many animals might not be saved.  Ask your local shelter if they take any donations of time or money to help save these pets and prolong their lives long enough to find them loving homes.  Save a pet today!



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