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animal abuse



A crime that is not always taken care of when committed is animal abuse.   Cruelty to animals is a horrific thing to happen to loving pets, and with your help, you might save the life of an unwanted or tortured pet.  If you suspect that someone is guilty of animal abuse, contact your local police department or animal control services.  Signs of a dog or cat that is being abused can be found here.


If you are unable to take care of a pet, call a local animal shelter to take the pet from you, to avoid any kind of animal abuse.  Signs that an animal is being abused include animals that are confined to a small area or in their own feces, dog or cats that are extremely thin with bones showing, or other animals that are chained up with no room to move in foul weather conditions.


The crime of animal abuse is a serious offense, and anyone that mistreats an animal can be fined and sent to prison.  There are many hotlines that you can call to report this crime anonymously.  Save an animal today, so that it can be taken to a shelter and adopted out to someone that will care for it.






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